caramel and cream

In winter I can never get warm. My feet and hands always feel like ice cubes and all feeling soon disappears! Our house is freezing and when the sun sets, I get cuddled under a blanket (or two) and don’t move until I need to either make tea or go to bed. Generally I choose creamy foam baths that have a fresh smell, but when I walked into Woolworths the other day this caramel & cream foam bath caught my eye. I immediately took a whiff of it, and my mouth watered at the delish caramel fragrance. When you pour this foam bath into your bath your bathroom is immediately filled with the yummy fragrance. I personally can’t get enough of the smell. It also foams nicely, which I find many foam baths don’t always get right. If you enjoy yummy smelling foam baths, this is definitely one worth purchasing.