About three weeks ago I was inspired to cook something different for a change after struggling with zero appetite for weeks on end. I’m not sure if it’s because my health has been terrible this year and I completely lost interest in food because I was always feeling yuck, but am hoping things will now turn around again.

So anyway, I decided I wanted to make something yummy and warm with curry and veggies because a few weeks ago the weather was quite cold and gloomy. I had a lot of veggies in the fridge which needed to be used up so that they didn’t end up in the bin (which ashamedly had been happening often the last while as a result of my lack of interest in food), so I opened Pinterest and starting scrolling around.

Pinterest has been one of the platforms I have absolutely loved from day one and I still get lost for hours on there looking at pins and getting inspired. When it comes to food ideas and recipes, Pinterest is also pretty good at providing ideas and step-by-step guides too.

I found the recipe I chose to use on the following site Healthier Steps and I improvised a bit by adding chickpeas to the recipe to make it go a bit further and be more filling with some protein. I was drawn to the recipe not only because it sounded yummy and had a lot of the ingredients that I had in my fridge, but because it was simple. Cooking for one can be soul destroying so if I can make a meal in 30 minutes, I am super happy.

I have been craving plant-based meals the last while and was so impressed with how tasty this recipe was! I will definitely make it again for dinner especially now that winter is here and it’s going to get much colder at night soon.

I’m also trying to regularly do meat-free Monday and try out new recipes and meal going forward. A few people asked me for this recipe. Sorry it’s taken so long – but hope you enjoy it 🙂

The recipe is here >> Butternut coconut curry