Revlon Perfecting Primer

Primers are still a bit of a new concept for me. My skin is very sensitive, with occasional breakouts, and the thought of layering more than 2 products on it still freaks me out a bit. Too many bad experiences with make-up and skincare products during my teens and 20s have left me wary of applying anything more than a basic moisturiser and foundation. Funny thing is, in my 30s I’ve learnt that it was more a case me using the wrong products for my skin and not looking after it properly that resulted in all those unwanted breakouts.

I have oily skin, that is also temperamental at times and can dry and sensitive, and am always on the lookout for products that will leave it with a matt finish. I’m tired of getting to halfway through the day and my eyeshadow has creased, my mascara has left lines on my eyelids and I have a shiny nose. Surely there must be a way that I can get to 4 pm with make-up that still looks freshly applied?

I’ve seen the Revlon Photoready primer on a few beauty blogs. I decided to try it out and chose the perfecting primer in the range – there is also a colour correcting one but I don’t really need that. I applied it for the first time and could immediately feel a soft matt finish. I applied my make-up as usual and went on with my day. Much later that afternoon I took a look in the mirror and to my surprise my make-up still looked great AND freshly applied! A few days later I went to yoga in the evening and was amazed to see that my make-up still looked great when I got home after the class (in general I try not to gym with any make-up on so that my pores can breathe, but on this particular day I hadn’t removed it before yoga). Liquid liner also stays in place all day which is such a relief because I always battle with that.

I have been using this primer for 2 weeks now and am in love with it! Applying more than 2 layers of products no longer freaks me out as much and I haven’t had any breakouts. I am so happy with it I even went out and bought a second one in case it is limited edition and I won’t be able to get more. It sells for between R179 and R199 and I found it at Dischem and Clicks.