August favourites - dove

Winter definitely took its toll on my skin this year and the products I usually use weren’t really working to prevent my dry skin from itching. I’d been given the Dove Purely Pampering body cream in a goodie bag a few months ago but had never had a chance to try it. A few weeks ago I decided to try it a for the first time, and it’s been an amazing love affair since! Shea butter mixed with vanilla is one of the most yummy scents ever! This cream sinks in immediately when you apply it and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. The scent is super comforting and I sometimes find myself applying a second layer of cream just so that I can smell it again. The Purely Pampering soap is creamy and leaves my skin feeling moisturised after shaving, and helps relieve that itchy feeling that dry skin gets in winter. The combination of these two products, over the last month, has really made a difference to my dry skin, and I will definitely purchase them again.