diary 2014 copy

I can’t get through life without a daily planner. It helps me stay focussed,  plan properly, remember important events like birthdays and keeps my important info all in one. I know all smart phones have electronic planners and many people use those instead of hard copy planners but I’m still quite old school and like to write things down in mine and carry it around in my bag. Over the last few months my short-term memory has become almost non-existant all thanks to my stress levels which resulted in high cortisol levels. You could tell me something, I’d respond and in 10 minutes I wouldn’t remember it at all. I would mentally make a note of groceries I needed and as soon as I’d grabbed a basket and started walking down the shopping aisles I wouldn’t be able to list anything that I had needed! Hopefully my memory will get back to normal soon.

Another important book in my life is a food diary. I have a fast metabolism and have to eat small meals about 5 to 7 times a day. When I have time I plan meals and pack lunches for work and generally eat well. Over the last couple of months this didn’t happen. On days at the office when I was under immense stress I would live off 2 cups of coffee and a can of coke (yip that is all!) for a whole day while working furiously at my desk. Not healthy at all! As a result of that delightful “meal” I would leave work on those days with a headache, feeling sluggish and grumpy.

2014 is my year to get fit and focussed and that calls for a food diary and healthy eating. In my food diary I list the food and drinks I consume in a day. By doing this I get to see a list of how well/poorly I have eaten which helps me be more aware of what I’m putting into my body. What you put in is what you get out afterall. When I’m tempted to snack on junk food I take a look at the list, I feel guilty and that helps me say no to those nasty cravings. Some people also write down their feelings when they eat certain foods and keep a record of that in their diary. I don’t do that. I do however know that when I consume potatoes, chocolate and coca cola I instantly feel better. These are things I need to work on cutting out of my diet, especially on days when I feel tired. When my stress levels are super high and I crawl out of bed and have zero energy it is so easy for me to reach for coca cola in the fridge even before I’ve had a cup of coffee or tea. Again a big no-no and I need to get back to starting my day off with a cup of hot water or a tall glass of chilled sparkling water.

My diaries both looked pretty drab so I added some washi tape to their covers to add some fun to them. Now comes the big job of writing in all the important information I need to have with me daily.