T w e n t y E i g h t e e n

2017 wasn’t the worst year that I’ve ever had, but it was hard. It was hard emotionally, hard physically and super hard mentally. I started off 2017 positive, started a bullet journal and believed I had the whole year mapped out ahead of me and in order. But, then life happens. I didn’t get my […]

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Itching for new ink

It’s been a while since I last had ink done and I find myself thinking about it more and more every day. I already have one on my right ankle, one on my right ribs, one on my right inner arm and one on my left wrist. Now I’m quite keen to get some ink […]

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Kat Von D

I have loved Kat Von D ever since I first saw her on TV. Her tattoos are beautiful, I love her style and she is such a talented artist! I have watched all of the episodes of her show LA Ink and have 3 of her books. This is one of my favourite photos of […]

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